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Bodiahome.com is a trademark of AP Real Estate Co., Ltd., a leading and innovative registered company based in Phnom Penh. The company partners with more than 30 real estate developers among which major projects include Urban Village, R&F Cambodia, M Residence, Agile Sky Residence, Morgan Enmaison, Olympia City, World Bridge Sport Village, and Prince Happiness Plaza.

The company has won awards for being an outstanding agency from some major developers, and it has been praised by both developers and clients for assisting home buyers to find their best homes and/or investment deals.

AP Real Estate sales team
Urban Village MOU Ceremony
The reason we decided to partner with AP Real Estate is that they did a log of due diligence... They are very responsible to their clients and this is the kind of commitment we are looking for in our partnered agencies.
Dr Ben Li
Dr. Ben Li
Urban Village Founder and CEO

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