Introducing Urban Village, Phnom Penh!

Home to the largest Creative Hub in Southeast Asia, covering an area of 3.4 hectares.

The space is also Cambodia’s biggest startup incubator, hosting over 200 startup companies.

Urban Village also houses commercial hub and retail street

Why Urban Village is the perfect choice?


More than just concrete buildings

A community of residences, professionals, artists and general public surrounded by international schools and major institutions.


Built by an award-winning developer

With over ten awards from various competition across Asia, Europe, and North America.


Affordable luxury! Really!

It's a community where families, couples, and individuals enjoy first-world experiences and amenities.

The kindness and generosity offered by Cambodians who have nothing will never fail to amaze. Despite not knowing where their next meal is coming from, Cambodians will happily welcome you into their homes and show an incredible hospitality that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. It truly is heart-warming.
by Marissa
There's a magic about this charming yet confounding kingdom... Cambodia will inspire you to contemplate what happens when ancient and modern worlds collide.
by Lonely Planet
The cost of living is low. Cambodia is cheap. Not as cheap as a lot of backpackers hope, but it’s still very inexpensive to live here. Most expats can survive by working part-time, a luxury they would not have back home.
Cambodia is filled with great opportunities. Whether you’re looking to get work experience in the development sector, teaching experience in the classroom, or material for your novel, Cambodia offers an abundance of opportunities for those willing to pursue them.

Urban Village's contracting Partners

Urban Village provides you with the affordable luxury!

Various types of condominium are available to suit your needs: studio room, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, duplex loft and more. Great price! Great location! Contact us now for special discount and assistance!

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